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By utilizing the combined purchasing power of more than 3 million customers, benefit architects and our partners can create a retail purchasing program that will provide an everyday low price with the convenience to pay for the purchases through payroll deduction. by utilizing the payroll deduction, your organization can make it easy and affordable to purchase products with no credit checks or finance charges.

this program can help employees with an unforeseen major expense like a refrigerator or other major appliance purchase or something as simple as getting a back to school computer or ipad. the program provides your members with:


•  A responsible way to make purchases interest-free at competitive pricing

•  An alternative to a credit card or loan from a retirement account to make major purchases

•  A budgeting tool with low, level, monthly payments for the entire 12 month term


your members or employees will be able to purchase important items for their home such as appliances, electronics and sporting goods. the program can generate a surprisingly large revenue stream to your organization just by taking the items your members are buying now at department stores and giving them the opportunity to shop online with payroll deduction.



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